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Friday fun with a Harris gin bottle

So what do you do when you finish your bottle of Harris Gin? do you throw it out? of course not. This bottle is too gorgeous to throw out, so that’s why I had the idea to try and reinvent it. I thought about what is the best way to use it, well why not a bottle of water!

As you will see from the process in the video, I soaked a piece of GF Smith Colorplan ice white paper and then started to drop ink across it. It started to take on the effect of the lovely water that you see in the Isle Of Harris, that aquamarine blue sea that just jumps out at you when you see it. After waiting for it to dry I scanned it into the computer, and with a bit of retouching in Adobe Photoshop to remove some blemishes, I was ready for the next step.

Bringing it into Adobe Illustrator I started to work on the content, using the Serenity font to be subtle and adding in the description, giving it a minimal look in the design. Finally printing it off and adding to the bottle. I now have no need to throw it out as I can now keep this bottle in the fridge full of water (not gin!!), even though it's not from Harris, I can always dream of it...

Thanks for watching the video, I hope that brightened up your day for a bit of Friday fun.

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